Thursday, 2 March 2017

Scratch Evidence

Today we created folders to save our scratch evidence in. Here is an  example-

Lola           Wednesday 1st March 2017

First I drew the sand and then I filled it in. Next I did the sea the same and drew wavy lines on it. Also I drew a palm tree.

Wednesday 1st March 2017

WALT: use our knowledge of scratch to create a program that controls the movement and costume of a sprite.

Ruby: I have created a beach background for my project. I used different types of paint and different size brushes. I clicked on the picture labeled ‘stage’ and pressed ‘draw background’
to draw my background.

James: I had to do a background on scratch. We used different colours and different sized brushes. We also drew a palm trees although we had a few attempts to get it right!

Daisy: I drew a beach scene on scratch and I thought about the colours and scenery.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

SID (Safer Internet Day)

For Safer Internet Day we learned about how to use photos and images on the internet.

We thought about what photos can reveal about us, about how we respond to messages online and how important it is to be aware that not all photos are real (some have been photoshopped).

Would you speak to a stranger online? Have you ever 'added' someone on an internet site without knowing who they are?

These were the questions we discussed together.

Later, we responded to some questions using post-it notes and discussed our thoughts:

Mr Langley and Mrs Belcher were both impressed by how much Earth and Neptune class engaged with these issues.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Making a Scratch game.

We started to design and program a Scratch game today. Here are some of our games so far - 

In computing, we learnt how to create a scratch boat game. To do this, we had to draw a boat and create a background with a course for the boat to follow. We had to programme each move to make sure it worked.
Luca and Holly  Class Earth

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Research - Types of mountains

We used the computer suite this week to research how the different types of mountains are formed.

To find out more search for types of mountains and then go on to primary homework help.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Coding a drum on the scratch programme

In ict we have been programming different sprites and exploring ways to improve our knowledge of the scratch programme.

In the past we have worked on designing games for others which helped us use our scratch skills. Today we have been programming instruments such as drums to increase our knowledge and understanding also to explore new ways to create sounds and moving images. We challenged ourselves by adding different instruments and movements.

Scratch - Coding a drum

Scratch - coding a drum

I coded the drum to make it look and sound like its drumming - Finley Neptune
I also coded my drum to make it sound like it is playing - Philip Neptune
Today I learned how to draw lines for effects for the drum on scratch -Theo Neptune

I have a knack for being creative, so I've done a drummer who drums. Peter, Neptune